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Commercial Law

Commercial lawyers in Alcrocon

Attorneys specialized in commercial law in Alcorcon

Commercial law is concerned about the set of rules with regard to private companies in exercising their professional functions, to commercial acts and to resulting juridical relationships.

Corporate law

Company launching, corporative operations, purchases, intervention in goberning bodies, consulting in retail partner protection matters, conflicts between shareholders.

Family businesses

Family corporations place a lot of value on their member's identity. They must be ruled by people who share family bounds. Therefore they are very restrictive societies when it comes to new members.

Juridical planning and counselling

In Abogados Lara law firm we have a long trajectory in tax legal counselling in multiple operations and different situations such as tax planning, foreign jurisdictions, taxes of expatriates, etc...

Bankruptcy law

Our attorneys have a wide knowledge and long proffessional trajectory in this matter. They will help you to get all the paperwork done to arrange with creditors.

Steady consulting for companies

Our continuous tax and legal consulting services for companies is the best option to prevent juridical risks, to generate tax savings and to adapt to the current legislation during the commercial activities.

Legal Defense

Abogados Lara offers, from our office in Alcorcon (Madrid), services regarding the main branches of Law as well as legal counselling and defense you may require.

Other Services

With a longer than 10-year trajectory in the juridical world you shall count with a tailored service.

Civil Law

Civil Law is concerned with the private affairs of citizens. It regulates all those issues related to contracts, reclamations, heritages, successions, private interests and many other points.
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Family Law

Family Law is concerned with the set of rules that regulate the family institution from both social and natural perspective. Check our services and our team of law specialists will help you throughout the process.
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Labour Law

El derecho laboral es la rama del derecho que se encarga de regular las relaciones que se establecen a raíz del trabajo. En Abogados Lara nuestros especialistas en derecho laboral le podrán asesorar en materias tales como:
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Other Services

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