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Civil Law

Civil Lawyers in Alcorcon

Experienced attorneys in civil law in Alcorcón

Civil Law is concerned with the private affairs of citizens. It regulates all those issues related to contracts, reclamations, heritages, successions, private interests and many other points.

Banking Law

Banking law is made of the different rules on the functioning and sound practices of the financial entities with their clients. In Ruiz Lara Legal we are specialists in banking and financial law.

Claims for payment

A quantity claim is a necessary process if you want to collect what they owe you either out of court or judicially. It involves a lot of time, since the only way to achieve the payment of a defaulter is to do all the necessary steps to collect.

Preferential shares

Preferential shares are in a space between bonds and ordinary shares. Preferential shares do not grant the right to vote as bonds do, but they have a fixed return value if the company has benefits. So they are also similar to ordinary shares. 

Floor clauses

Floor clauses must be included in mortage deeds. They determine the minimum added interest over the mortgage loan if a drop of the interest rates or of the benchmark index occurs.


Have you carried out any purchases and they turned out to be different to what you had previously agreed? You may be facing a latent defect issue, which happens when the purchased item does not function as it should or a defect reduces significantly its value. You may ask for a reduction in the price of the purchased item or push for the contract resolution, depending on the severity of the latent defect you are facing.

We help you to enforce what has been settled.


If your real property raises building irregularities or defects, you can assert a claim. If these are surface defects, the deadline to assert a claim is of one year. When talking about defects that affect the state habitability, the guarantee period gets to three years. If these defects comform a structural issue, the deadline to claim rises to ten years (Art. 17.1 Organic Construction Law).

We help both private individuals and residents' associations to claim the good condition of your housing or premise..

Other Services

Labour Law

Labour Law is the branch of law that controls work relationships. In Abogados Lara our expert attorneys will guide you in these matters.
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Divorces and separations

We will advise you throughout your divorce procedure about everything you need.
Divorce by mutual consent is the fastest and cheapest. You will save money in procedure expenses.
Our specialists in family law will help you with all your queries.
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Family Law

Family Law is concerned with the set of rules that regulate the family institution from both social and natural perspective. Check our services and our team of law specialists will help you throughout the process.
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Other Services

Check all our services
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