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Family Law

Family lawyers in Alcorcon​

Attorneys specialists in family law in Alcorcon

Family Law is concerned with the set of rules that regulate the family institution from both social and natural perspective.
In Abogados Lara law firm we take all kinds of family cases in Spain and abroad, such as:

Measure modification

Do you want to change the judicial measures of your divorce or children custody? Call us now and and we will help you do it. More than 10 years of experience support us. Utmost discretion. 

Matrimonial property law

Our family lawyers are subject matter experts that will advise you about all the different regulations and options available for 
the spouses, as well as the limitations of the legislation. We accompany you through all the needed works to change your matrimonial property regime.


Contact us to manage the procedures for incapacitation and tutelage quickly. We will inform you free of charge. Utmost discretion.


Are you in a parentage or parenthood process? Do not hesitate to contact our office. Ask for free of charge information now.

Tutelage, tutorship and guardianship

Tutelage and tutorship are legal care and protection institutions which appear in Spanish legal system. We are experts in all the branches of family law. Contact us.


Adoptions require a long process and many hard procedures. In Abogados Lara law firm we count on a group of specialists in adoption who will advise you and make the process easier.

Other Services

Civil Law

Civil Law is concerned with the private affairs of citizens. It regulates all those issues related to contracts, reclamations, heritages, successions, private interests and many other points.
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Divorces and separations

We give you the best advice during your divorce process and meet all your legal needs.
Divorce by consent is faster and cheaper. You will save money in procedure expenses. Our family law specialists will sole all your queries.
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Labour Law

Labour Law is the branch of law that controls work relationships. In Abogados Lara our expert attorneys will guide you in these matters.
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Other Services

Check all our services
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