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Family Law

Family lawyers in Alcorcon​

Attorneys specialists in family law in Alcorcon

Family Law is concerned with the set of rules that regulate the family institution from both social and natural perspective.
In Abogados Lara law firm we take all kinds of family cases in Spain and abroad, such as:

Express divorce

In July 2005 the so called "Express divorce" law was approved. This law modified certain articles of the Civil Code and of the civil procedure law about diverce and separation matters. From that date a person can start a divorce procedure without pleading any causes and without previous judicial separation as long as three months have passed since the marriage took place, in the majority of the cases. 

Contentious divorce

The contentious divorce is that which is carried without the spouses' agreement on the dissolution of the marriage in one or more points. This dissagreement may stem from the divorce itself or from any of its aspects such as settlement of matrimonial property, child custody, child visitation or any other circumstances that lead to spousal separation through divorce.

Child Custody

Law courts often have to determine where the children must live when their parents get divorced or separated. Laws on child custody chart a course for judges when it comes to take any of these crucial decisions. Determining who gets the custody has a great influence over the children's livehood and other financial liabilities. Our lawyers specialized in family law can help you negociate a parental agreement.

Marriage Annulment

A marriage annulment is a legal procedure which cancels a marriage due to flaws or defects during its celebration which prevent the marriage to take effect. Annulling a marriage is as though it is completely erased legally, It declares that the marriage never technically existed and was never valid.Divorces on the other hand disolve valid marriages by virtue of one or both spouses.

Measure modification

Do you want to change the judicial measures of your divorce or children custody? Call us now and and we will help you do it. More than 10 years of experience support us. Utmost discretion. 

Exequatur divorce

If you got diverced abroad and want that sentence to be valid in Spain you have to present an exequatur. In order to do that you will need a lawyer and legal representative. Call us. We will help you.


Contact us to manage the procedures for incapacitation and tutelage quickly. We will inform you free of charge. Utmost discretion.


Are you in a parentage or parenthood process? Do not hesitate to contact our office. Ask for free of charge information now.

Tutelage, tutorship and guardianship

Tutelage and tutorship are legal care and protection institutions which appear in Spanish legal system. We are experts in all the branches of family law. Contact us.


Adoptions require a long process and many hard procedures. In Abogados Lara law firm we count on a group of specialists in adoption who will advise you and make the process easier.

Other Services

Civil Law

Civil Law is concerned with the private affairs of citizens. It regulates all those issues related to contracts, reclamations, heritages, successions, private interests and many other points.
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Divorces and separations

We will advise you throughout your divorce procedure about everything you need.
Divorce by mutual consent is the fastest and cheapest. You will save money in procedure expenses.
Our specialists in family law will help you with all your queries.
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Labour Law

Labour Law is the branch of law that controls work relationships. In Abogados Lara our expert attorneys will guide you in these matters.
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Other Services

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