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Labour Law

Labour lawyers in Alcorcon

Labour lawyers in Alcorcon​

Labour Law is a heteronomous and autonomous regulatory system which controls certain kinds of subordinate employments and work relationships.

Judicial and extrajudicial processing of firings

In Abogados Lara law firm we take care of the judicial and extrajudicial processing of fair, unjustified, null, objective and mass dismissals.

Labour contract expiration

A labour contract expiration means the end of the work relationship between the company and the employee. We shall guide you through this process.

Sanction and penalties management

An employee may incur in failure when they wrongfully violate their labour obligations. We shall guide you through this process.

Processing and management of disability situations

We are specialists in procedures for partial, total or absolute permanent disability. Tell us your situation and we will get you the highest compensation.

Processing and management of pensions

We are specialists in processing pensions due to retirement, disablement or widowhood. We have more than 10 years of experience. Make an appointment with our labour lawyers.

Processing and management of procedures

Our labour lawyers will offer their professional services in your defence before the courts for any kind of labour procedure that you may have to face.

Other Services

Civil Law

Reclamations for payment. Evictions and old rental properties. Family. Separations and divorces. Banking Law.
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Divorces and separations

We will advise you throughout your divorce procedure about everything you need.
Divorce by mutual consent is the fastest and cheapest. You will save money in procedure expenses.
Our specialists in family law will help you with all your queries.
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Family Law

Family Law is concerned with the set of rules that regulate the family institution from both social and natural perspective. Check our services and our team of law specialists will help you throughout the process.
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Other Services

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