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Criminal Law

Criminal lawyers in Alcrocon

Attorney specialists in criminal law in Alcorcon

Criminal law is the branch of the Law that controls the punitive powers of the government, judging facts according to the Law.

Slander and libel

Este tipo de delitos se ha incrementado notablemente en base a la facilidad con que nos comunicamos públicamente en la actualidad gracias a las redes sociales, etc.  Ambos delitos suponen una agresión moral y desde Abogados Lara, le ayudaremos a demostrar su inocencia y a lavar su imagen, evitando además las posibles penas de multa.

Falsehood and counterfeiting

They consist in the concious acquisition, modification or creation of unauthentic documents, effects or stock, as well as the simulation of the intervention of certain person in certain company activities or the usurpation of a third person identity or their public functions.

Disobedience of lawful authority

The crime of serious disobedience to lawful authority is provided by the Criminal Code. It is categorized as offences against public order alongside contempt of court and attack on public authorities or their public officers.

False testimony

The witness who lied before a court would incurr in crime of false witness, risking to be sentenced to prison punishment for up to three years. 

Family violence

The first and most difficult step to take when suffering any kind of domestic or familiar violence, gender violence, physical or psycological abuse is to denounce this situation. Our attorney will be on your side through this process.

Fraud and asset stripping

To consider a crime as fraud there are three elements required: deceit, profit motive and monetary disposal. Our proffessional criminal lawyers are specialist in solving any fraud concerns.

Forced entry

Aquellas conductas castigadas por el ordenamiento jurídico punitivo en las que un individuo entra en una morada ajena o en el domicilio de una persona sin la voluntad de su titular o se resiste a marcharse contra la voluntad del titular, a veces mediante violencia o intimidación. Contacta ya con nuestro bufete de abogados especialistas en allanamiento de morada.

Theft and missappropriation

It is important to state the difference between theft and missappropriation because, for example, in home insurance policies there are different treatments between one and the other. These policies often include damages caused by theft by not so often do they include missappropriation. 

Intellectual and industrial property and consumers

The current legislation protects intellectual property through autor's rights and brands, which allow to obtain benefits and credit for inventions and creations. By balancing public and innovators' interests, the intellectual property system tries to create a favorable environment to make innovation and creativity prosper.

False reports and accusations

A false accusation or report is that action carried out before any juridical or policial authorities beacause of which a person is hold accountable for a knowing false crime. It is a multi offensive crime regarding it is impinging various legal assets.

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With a longer than 10-year trajectory in the juridical world you shall count with a tailored service.

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