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Divorces and separations

Divorce lawyers in Alcorcon

Specialists in divorces and separations

We manage your contentious or uncontested divorce or separation

The divorce dramacan be more easily bearable if you choose your specialized legal consultant rightly.

Finding the services of specialized divorce lawyers who offer affordable price and personal attention in any cases is easily available for everyone who may contact us. If your first query is set through the web page, you must know it would be free of charge, as well as your first visit to our office.

Our specialist will make a first diagnosis of your situation, offering the best and most viable juridical solution for your interests. And do not forget this shall be free.

You can count on Abogados Lara law firmservices, a proffessional guarantee and interdisciplinary office which provides you with the comfort and reliance you need and and with an adequate treatment in every case.

Long proffessional experience in matters of divorce, in Abogados Lara law firm we will advice you the most suitable option and inform you about the temporal and economic differences between amicable, contentious and mediated divorces as well as the different peculiarities of situations such as marriage annulment or child custody. We carry out these procedures fastly and efficiently to get the result you desire soon.

In our office in Alcorcon you will get a supportive and personal treatment. We are aware of the sensitive handling required in these situations and we place at your service our knowledge, experience and human and material resources required in each situation.

The lawyer in charge of your case will be available for you and your needs. You will have a direct phone line to keep you informed of the procedure and its evolution, avoiding postponed appointments and waits that might worsen your situation due to a delayed answer. This phone line shall also be used to solve any queries, doubts, consultations or disputes that might arise dureing the procedure.

Experts in divorce cases in Alcorcon

If your current situation with your couple cannot be fixed, resort to our services of specialized divorce lawyers in all the branches of these complex procedures, including contentious and by consent divorces.

Specialists recommend divorce by consent for obvious reasons: first the peace of mind, and the tension and stress avoided by the litigants, as well as fewer personal confrontations. Our divorce lawyers shall take care of all the steps to safeguard our clients' interests.

Saving money is another advantage of divorces by consent, as well as a higher probability of a more fair distribution of marital properties and child visitation schedules than those obtainable from a contentious divorce.

Contentious divorces, on the other hand, are more expensive and require more time to complete the details of all the legal procedures.

There is no doubt that a successful choice of your legal advisor will bring you a great peace and a guarantee of a fair arrangemenent in the regulatory agreement or child measures result of the procedure, whhich must be the foundation on which all future conflict resolutions must lean.


Existence of mutual agreement
between both spouses

They shall count with
the assistance of a lawyer

They cannot have
underage or disabled children

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