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Civil Law

- Claims for payment.
- Eviction. Old rental agreements for rremises and housing.
- Family. Separation and divorce.
- Banking law.
- Preferential shares. Floor clauses.
- Legal assistance.
- Succesion and wills.
- Leases and housing association.
- Counselling and legal defense in civil law matters.
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Family Law

- Specialists in family laws.
- Divorce lawyers.
- Measure changes. Pension schemes and visitation arrangements.
- Regime of participation in acquired property
- Adoption process
- Tutorship and guardianship due to legal incapacitation
- Parentage
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Labour Law

- Judicial and extrajudicial firing procedures.
- Termination of labour contracts.
- Control of penalties and reprimands.
- Administrative processing of disabilities.
- Administrative processing of pensions.
- Administrative processing of procedures.
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Commercial Law

- Company law, subsidiaries, associations, foundations, cooperatives...
- Bankruptcy law and commercial contracts.
- Family businesses and protocols.
- Legal counselling and planning for business structures both national and international.
- Continuous legal advise for companies. Legal defense and guidance for commercial matters.
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Divorces and separations

- Specialists in divorces and separations
- Express divorce
- Divorces by consent and contentious
- Exequatur divorce
- Marriage Annulment
- Settlement of marital property
- Child Custody
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Criminal Law

- Calumnias e injurias. Coacciones. Acusación y denuncias falsas.
- Counterfeiting and falsehood.
- False testimony.
- Disobidience of lawfull authority.
- Family violence. Damages and injuries. Failure to provide assistance.
- Economic: Fraud and asset stripping.
- Forced entry. Theft and misappropriation. Intellectual property, copyright and costumer rights.
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