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Civil Law

- Claims for payment.
- Eviction. Old rental agreements for rremises and housing.
- Family. Separation and divorce.
- Banking law.
- Preferential shares. Floor clauses.
- Legal assistance.
- Succesion and wills.
- Leases and housing association.
- Counselling and legal defense in civil law matters.
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Family Law

- Express divorce.
- Specialists in family laws.
- Divorce lawyers.
- Measure changes. Pension schemes and visitation arrangements.
- Divorces by consent.
- Contentious divorces.
- Divorce and separation WITH and WITHOUT children.
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Labour Law

- Judicial and extrajudicial firing procedures.
- Termination of labour contracts.
- Control of penalties and reprimands.
- Administrative processing of disabilities.
- Administrative processing of pensions.
- Administrative processing of procedures.
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Commercial Law

- Company law, subsidiaries, associations, foundations, cooperatives...
- Bankruptcy law and commercial contracts.
- Family businesses and protocols.
- Legal counselling and planning for business structures both national and international.
- Continuous legal advise for companies. Legal defense and guidance for commercial matters.
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Divorces and separations

We give you the best advice during your divorce process and meet all your legal needs.
Divorce by consent is faster and cheaper. You will save money in procedure expenses. Our family law specialists will sole all your queries.
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Criminal Law

- Defamation and libel. Duress. False reports and accusations.
- Counterfeiting and falsehood.
- False testimony.
- Disobidience of lawfull authority.
- Family violence. Damages and injuries. Failure to provide assistance.
- Economic: Fraud and asset stripping.
- Forced entry. Theft and misappropriation. Intellectual property, copyright and costumer rights.
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